Transport and forwarding


Road transport, both domestic and international one, means much to us, we have worked in this field for years! Thanks to the knowledge and experience we can help our customers with their daily challenges concerning this difficult business. Based on our own experience we know how many things can happen on the road. This knowledge is what allows us to maintain good relationships and to avoid misunderstandings as well as conflicts. Together we are stronger! We offer a full truck load transport and groupage transport.

Constant cooperation with carriers

By offering the cooperation to a Carrier, our company exceeds the standards of typical forwarding services. We offer full service as regards the cooperation with the carrier, starting from the transport order assignment, through assistance in obtaining fuel cards, the organization of leasing, insurance and any transport-related issues. Our individual approach to every Carrier enables us to provide an offer tailored to the needs of Your business!

Are you interested in cooperation with the KTS as a carrier? Please contact us!

Transport consulting service and ADR

DGSA-Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser


In order to ensure the safety of people and the environment during the transport of dangerous goods a number of laws has been developed. The main principles of safe road transport are regulated by the European agreement concerning the road transport of dangerous goods referred to as ADR. Our company provides consulting services as regards the safety of transport concerning dangerous goods (Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser) in accordance with the “Act on the transport of dangerous goods” and ADR agreement.

Making the certificate of professional competence in road transport available

We offer the service of lending the certificate of professional competence in road transport for all those who need to meet formal requirements and are actually not interested in obtaining such a permission. The service is completely legal and enables avoiding the long-term preparation and the process of receiving one’s own certificate necessary to run a transport company. [View certificate]



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